Staff of Life Bakery– we bake bread with SOL! 

Out of every storm comes a rainbow. We took our personal storm & created a rainbow business. We are a baked goods delivery service & so much more! We deliver delicious & nutritious bread & baked goods to your door!

Matthew 6:11‘ Give us this day our daily bread.’

We are a bread ministry, literally spreading the bread with our Compassion Bread Program! Every time you buy a loaf of bread from SOL-Bakery we bake up a loaf of bread made with nutritious ingredients & donate it to local families in need, the food pantries, and the local hunger initiatives.  Since we revamped our Compassion Bread Program in June of 2013 we have donated 5,314 loaves of bread! We can help feed the hungry in our community! If you know of amilies in our area who could use some  compassion, please feel free to email us!  

Matthew 4:4 

Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.”

The SOL Train rolls on Tuesday and wraps up its route on Saturday! You can get your goods delivered to our door, grab them at one of the retail locations, or stop down and pick them up at the Farmer’s Markets!

We offer special bakes for special occasions. If you need 4 packages of SON-Shine Cinnamon Rolls on a Tuesday-we can do that! All special orders must be called into the SOL-Baker at 351-8503 and ordering limits may apply!

We are different in many ways: we soak our grains for easier digestion, we donate 1 loaf for every loaf bought, & we don’t use commercial debt in our business. We are growing solely on your support! If you are interested in supporting our ministry please head over to the SOL-Gear page-you can purchase shirts, bumper stickers, & re-usable bread bags, or you can donate to the Compassion Bread Program below & help us ‘Spread the Bread’!

You can also sign up to become a SOL-Insider. This gets you up to date info on SOL happenings & various deals & coupons! Click here for more info!

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